General Health

“Just who did kill Dr. Brewer?” Nurse Kelly asks in the caf on break.

“I resent your asking.”

Her eyes flit about the room. “I know you’ve been seeing his former wife,” she says, “you had an affair with her sister-in-law, your wife’s sister, who Dr. Brewer raped one night in blind fury because she brought up his son as a homosexual whom you also had relations with though no one knows but your wife’s sister, the only woman you ever loved despite her sterility from Dr. Brewer’s rape. She tells me everything because I am her one true friend.”

Perhaps, I think, perhaps, but how in God’s name did she get all that out of Sandra unless she’s hiding something more and if she knows, who knows, there might be others. The police? Not to mention the effect on my son David if all this came out with his high school graduation up for this weekend. “Alright,” I say, grasping her hand under the table, “let’s go.”